Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Exhibition / Sale at Loveleaf Press

JonHook, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

Dec. 5th - 6th | 10 am to 6 pm each day

Artists Reception:
Fri., Dec. 4th | 6 pm to 9 pm

Please join Loveleaf Press in celebrating new creative output from the artists of Hook Pottery Paper, the rural studio of husband and wife team Jon Hook and Andrea Peterson. Both artists moved to the country to realize a shared dream of capturing natural textures and shapes in their art while utilizing local and renewable resources in its creation. All of the pottery is wood fired, ranging in style from the traditional to highly conceptual. The paper and printed art is made from indigenous plants and fibers. Both artists combine a refined vision with unique processes in creating one of a kind pieces. As a result each artists’ work is esteemed locally and internationally.

Hook and Peterson will visit Chicago from December 4th through 6th to display and demonstrate their wares and processes at Loveleaf Press. The exhibition/sale will include many fine pieces including a wide range of wood fired ceramic work by Jon Hook along with the handmade papers, and paper / print art works by Andrea Peterson. Both artists will be present to discuss their techniques throughout the weekend. A demonstration will take place on Saturday, 5 Dec. from 1-4pm.

For more info about sale and artists. Click here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Upcoming Show in Evanston

Postcard, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

Before you embark on the turkey coma goodness next week, don't forget to go see this show, featuring work from our very own bookbinder, Loni.

Opening: Sunday, Nov. 22, 3-5pm
show runs: Nov. 18 - Jan. 10
where: Noyes Cultural Art Center • 927 Noyes St., Evanston

Loni will be showing numerous 9ft. by 4ft. paper kimonos from her thesis installation "The Way of Beauty."
For more info and pics click here.

The individual kimonos are for sale. On a budget? A few miniature versions of the larger kimonos are also available. Please send purchase and display inquiries to Loni at

I hope to see you there.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Chris Cassidy

Chris Cassidy, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

We recently completed a project for photographer Chris Cassidy. These images detail the steps Loni took to hand-stitch the cover leather. The first image shows her pre-punching the sewing holes into the leather with an awl, for precision, while the subsequent images show the needle passing through the leather.

~posted by Erin

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Estonia, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

Amazingly, I will be going to the beautiful country of Estonia, for 18 days! My roommate Terttu is from there, and some of my friends and I have the amazing opportunity to travel with her there.
I cannot wait to see this country that is so idyllic in my mind, and to photograph, photograph, photograph!

~posted by Erin

Erin Paulson

Erin Paulson, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

These are images of the book I made while at the American Academy of Bookbinding. The cover depicting air waves and arms is the beginning of Alice in Wonderland; flipping the book over reveals a chessboard cover, which is the beginning of Through the Looking Glass.
The Alice in Wonderland side is done through inlays and onlays, both in suede, while the chessboard was one inlay with a frame of brown paint.
The inside covers were done with sunken suede and suede fly leaves.

~posted by Erin

Monday, June 15, 2009

Loni Diep

Loni Diep, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

These are images of the book that Loni made at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride. It is a Chinese/English Dictionary that she rebound and covered in red goat leather. The front cover has a leather onlay of a crane made out of dark grey goat leather that was pared very thinly and feathered.
Her endbands were beautiful and completely epic considering the book's size!
She used marbled paper that she had made herself for the inside covers.

Loni's first foray into French fine binding was a complete success!

~posted by Erin

Friday, June 12, 2009

American Academy of Bookbinding

Monique Lallier demonstrated how to do an edge to edge doublure on her beautiful book.
Loni rebound a Chinese-English dictionary of her father's, which was quite the impressive feat. It took almost an entire day just to sew the headbands!

I will also post photos of our finished books, so check back soon!

~posted by Erin

Sunset in Telluride

Sunset in Telluride, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

Amanda sent Loni and I to Telluride, Colorado for a wonderful French fine binding class at the American Academy of Bookbinding! We were there for a week learning from binding master Monique Lallier, and what a wonderful experience it was.
Telluride is not only the place to learn about French fine binding, it's also one of the most beautiful places in the country. I took this photo from atop one of the mountains our last day there.

~posted by Erin

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ezra Gregg

Ezra Gregg, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

We just finished building a portfolio for Austin-based photographer Ezra Gregg. We are very excited about this one! The cover consists of white leather with cut outs, adhered to plexi etched with a topographical map design. The interior covers are lined with hand-watercolored paper also with cut outs. The windows reveal not only the color of the title page underneath, but also the letterpressed logo.
There are additional images on the portfolio area of our website.

~posted by Erin