Monday, March 30, 2009

AIGA Small Talk

AIGA Small Talk, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

This past Tuesday, the 24th, LoveLeaf opened our studio for another event, this time with the AIGA. We were so thrilled with the large attendance; thank you to everyone who came and spent the evening with us! There was much conversation, show and tell, and two demonstrations.
It was such a delight to share and talk with everyone!

~posted by Erin

Thursday, March 19, 2009

STA visit

STA visit, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

Last night the STA came to visit the studio, for a talk and demonstration. A lot of our clients lent us the portfolios we had built for them (thank you everyone, for your generosity!) so that the guests would have a chance to study them in person.
We had such a wonderful time sharing our work with everyone.
Amanda gave a small talk, there were questions asked, and we gave small letterpress and pamphlet stitch demonstrations.
Thanks again to everyone who came, and to Bob Zeni for organizing the event!

~posted by Erin


Origami boxes, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

This past week we have been preparing the studio for two talks - one with the Society of Typographic Arts (STA), which occurred last night, and one with the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) which will occur next Tuesday, the 24th.

These images illustrate the origami boxes that were built by Lung-Chen for the guests of both talks. Each one houses a small pamphlet for a pamphlet stitch demo, a book plate for a letterpress demo, and a small brochure detailing how-tos and information.

~posted by Erin

Taylor Castle Portfolios

Taylor Castle Portfolios, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

For the portfolios we built for photographer Taylor Castle, we used wood veneer on the covers and insides of the books. The inside wood was screenprinted by Kiyomi Kimble with a cube design that was then die-cut to remove the 3rd side of the cube. The remaining shapes were adhered to the inside boards which were covered with a lighter colored wood, completing the 3-D effect.

These images show the die-cut with the shapes being removed, and Loni working to align the die-cut with the inner boards.

~posted by Erin

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BBC interview

BBC interview, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

Today we had a lovely surprise in the studio - the BBC came by to interview us for their story "A Square Mile". The story focused on small businesses in a square mile of Chicago, and how they are surviving during these troubled economic times.
As we find out more about the story we will share any information with you!

~posted by Erin

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Into Action!

Spring promo, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

Contact us at LoveLeaf Press.

Check out our site!
1211 North Wood Street | Chicago Illinois 60622
773.697.4205 | Fax 773.697.4206

STA Announcement

STA Announcement, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

LoveLeaf will be giving a talk for the STA on Wednesday, March 18th, at 6:30. Attendance is strictly limited to 30 people; please see the STA website for full information.
Hope to see you there!

~posted by Erin

AIGA Announcement

AIGA Announcement, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

LoveLeaf will be giving a reception and talk to the AIGA on Tuesday, March 24th. The reception will start at 6 pm and the talk will begin at 6:30.
This is the official announcement found on the AIGA website.
We hope you can make it!

~posted by Erin

Andy Barnes - portfolio

Andy Barnes - portfolio, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

These details are of the portfolios we built for photographer Andy Barnes. Each portfolio has a screw-post binding, with hand-dyed wood veneer on the outer and inner covers. The screw-posts are hidden under a strip of dark orange leather. His name plate was letterpressed onto the hand-dyed wood and then built up to create layering and dimension on the cover. The interior of the covers was lined in matching wood veneer with a detail of the dark orange veneer.
The cover image was covered in resin by resin artist Momoko Sudoand set into the cover.

~posted by Erin

Kami Bremyer - portfolio

Kami Bremyer - portfolio, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

These are images of the finished portfolio we built for Kami Bremyer. The first details the front cover, with a window of plexi-glass cut into the porcelain-esque plaster (the plaster was formed by artist Aaron Kohl). The plexi has been carved with Kami's logo.
The second image details the exposed spine of the wire edge binding, and the hand-watercolored hinges. The third shows the interior covers, with the screen-printed design.

~posted by Erin

Kami Bremyer - production

Kami Bremyer - production, originally uploaded by LoveLeaf Press.

We worked collaboratively with photography stylist Kami Bremyer (whose business cards we also made, see below) to design and build her portfolio. The covers were plaster cast to resemble and feel like porcelain; the inside covers were screen-printed and lined with acetate. Each page was attached to a hinge that was hand-watercolored, and the title page was watercolored and letterpressed. The book was bound with a wire edge binding, one of my favorites!

These images detail a few steps of the production - laying down the screen-printed design on the interior covers, and Lung-Chen and I sewing the binding.

~posted by Erin